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Our Vision is to provide transparent crypto-currency asset management and ensure that our crypto solutions are accessible and affordable on a global scale



The aim of ‘ClientNFTs’ is to deliver scalable and profitable non fungible tokens for our partners and clients. Earning passive income is the main benefit of holding our NFTs. Mint date: 07.10.2021 (authenticity)

Total supply: 200 Nfts
Rarity: Legendary
Price: 19USD


Cryptocurrency Makes Everything Better.

Our Vision is to provide transparent crypto-currency asset management and ensure that our crypto solutions are accessible and affordable on a global scale

About Us

Your Most Transparent Crypto Solution

We want to ensure that our clients feel safe and secure when working with us,
therefore our primary goal is to provide full transparency in what and how we
manage crypto assets, nft’s, real estate and other crypto-currency procedures.
Our full spectrum of crypto services and solutions enable private individuals and enterprises to launch more powerful financial infrastructure and asset management under our 24/7 control and security.


World class trading analysis and perfectly executed trades is an edge that allows us to gain profits for our customers.

DEFI Solutions

Operating entirely on blockchain we can ensure that our clients access the most advanced asset technology protocol within DEFI space. We can provide the most personalized management of DEFI assets.

NFT Solutions

An NFT is a non-fungible token, a Blockchain-verified asset that ensures copyrights and ownership of digital items. We work with top block-chains to be able to create easy and accessible service to anybody who wants to create, own or sell their NFT's.

Our Web Partners


Combining fintech technologies and innovations we can analyze the market, and make the right decision when it comes to crypto-currency investment and trading. We have partnered with Interactive Brokers that allows you to buy Bitcoin and other crypto-currency futures rather than owning the currency directly.
More trading options with Costa Crypto Solutions:

  • Day Trading
  • Scalping
  • Swing Trading
  • Position Trading
Our Service

What We offer

We Offer Following Services


🚀 WEB 3.0 development
🚀 Minting new tokens
🚀 New project development
🚀 Launchpad solutions
🚀 Tokenomics

Crypto-currency consulting

🚀 Crypto asset management
🚀 Crypto Broker Services
🚀 Spot, Future, Margin and Options Trading
🚀 Private and Corporate crypto investments
🚀 Security and Safety

DEFI and NFT Solutions

🚀 Decentralized and private solutions
🚀 Staking, Yield Farming, Dividends, Crypto Pools.
🚀 NFT management (create, buy and sell with us)

Why Choose Us

Your trusted cryptocurrency partner.

  • Security and Risk Assessment

    Our main focus is the safety of crypto-currency assets. We carry out a risk assessment in order to view and analyze asset portfolios in an effective way. Our risk assessment prevents clients from investing in fraudulent projects and prevents high risk possibilities of losing funds.

  • Innovation and Integration

    We at Costa Crypto Solutions are creating a culture of innovations in which our team takes risks and tests their ideas. With a systematic approach to investing, trading and crypto problem solving we ensure that our company meets the right criteria to become an innovative service provider in the crypto-currency space.

  • 24/7 Client's Support

    24-7 Client's Support that provides value-driven, future-forward solutions in the blockchain industry. With help of AI technologies, we will guarantee that neither our clients, nor market moves will be seen unnoticeable.